• Sentinel is a database where all NWR competencies are held for individuals
  • A worker will have their own profile and sentinel number, on their profile it will show D&A, medical and NWR competencies held.
  • It will show on their profile who their primary sponsor is and if they have any sub sponsors.
  • One London Underground competency is shown on Sentinel – LU ICI 
  • You must also be sentinel sponsored to work LUL even though tickets are mainly held on person 

What is a Sponsor?

  • To work out on track a worker must be sponsored
  • The role of a sponsor is to manage competencies and make sure the worker has what is required to do their role
  • A worker can have 1 primary sponsor and up to 2 sub sponsors
  • Each time a worker changes primary sponsor they will likely need a new drugs and alcohol test
  • A sub sponsor is when a company has a few shifts for a worker – effectively they are borrowing your worker. They must request every shift to make sure no rules are breached