Committed to responsible service delivery for all

As a supplier of talent throughout the built environment supply chain, at Advance TRS we are committed to delivering our service in a responsible, safe and sustainable way.

From our environmental footprint to site-based health and safety, and from legal compliance to giving back to local communities, our attention to detail and dedication to delivering a quality service rings true throughout everything we do.

Health & Safety

At Advance TRS, health and safety is our number one priority. We are committed to a safety culture in the workplace that drives our actions, our culture and our communication. We are consistently taking steps in order to reduce the number of accidents and incidents in the workplace and on site through regular communication of industry information, HSE updates, company policies and a thorough review of procedures.

Improved workplace safety requires a concerted effort from everyone within the industry and we work closely with clients, candidates and employees to align ourselves with industry initiatives that will help to enhance everyone’s perception and actions.

Our Health and Safety Management system is OHSAS 18001 accredited and we have a Quality Management System that is ISO 9001 accredited. These systems include very clear guidelines on our approach to managing important aspects of the daily working environment such as working hours, fatigue, stress and accidents and incidents.

Advance TRS has also achieved APSCo accreditation through a stringent qualification process that involved numerous references from professional candidates and clients. This allows us to remain fully informed of all changes to industry legislation and maintain current contractual documentation at all times.

Behavioural Based Safety

Behavioural Based Safety seeks to challenge the behaviour of the workforce by changing the attitudes of the workforce with effective leadership and employee engagement. It’s a bottom-up safety approach that encourages a working environment where people are comfortable looking after one another and are able to report close calls without the fear of reprisals.

Behavioural based safety is about the behaviour of the whole workforce, not just front line staff. For us to truly reduce the number of incidents to zero, a concerted effort is required from ourselves, our clients and our workers to encourage a culture where safety is the first priority.

Advance TRS has developed a bespoke way to assess and report on the perception of Behavioural Based Safety that allows us to work together to implement focused activities to raise awareness and improve people’s actions. Please contact our Operations Director, Paul Merton, if you wish to discuss this in more detail.

Compliance Management

Working in a number of safety-critical engineering sectors, Advance TRS has a robust compliance management system that is structured with very clear processes and procedures. This system has been developed to deliver the ongoing management of individual competencies held by external workers, as well as supporting the requirements of each industry sectors specific standards and scheme requirements.

Our compliance procedure incorporates a bespoke database that highlights renewals of qualifications, supplier certificates, and competencies. The continued management of this area of our business is essential when supplying workers to industries where safety is foremost in everyone’s daily working lives.

As a ‘5 Star’ RISQS accredited supplier to the rail industry, Advance TRS believes that we all have a responsibility to deliver a professional service that meets continues to achieve and exceed the industry standards.

Giving Back

Since Advance TRS was established in 2011, advancing less fortunate people has always been a central motivator for founder Andy Ridout and the Advance TRS team. To date, our staff have raised over £45,000 for charities completing an incredible array of personal challenges to raise money and awareness for those less fortunate.

Railway Children / Rail Aid

A key charity partner for our rail business is Railway Children and the Rail Aid campaign. Railway Children is an international children’s charity that helps at-risk children on the streets of the UK, India and East Africa. The charity funds rescue workers and street teams that seek out vulnerable children living on the streets before potential abusers get to them first.

Oakleaf Enterprise

At Advance TRS, we prioritise the mental wellbeing of our staff and understand that reducing work-related stress can be hugely beneficial to all. Oakleaf Enterprise is a fantastic fit with our business, with their main location only a short walk from our Head Office and with such a keen focus on supporting people learn to live with and overcome mental ill-health and to learn new skills and build confidence to return to work through vocational skill training, therapy and support.

The Environment

At Advance TRS we are committed to reducing the impact our operations have on the environment through sustainable practices. Whilst we recognise that internal activities may have a limited environmental impact, there are steps that we take to continuously improve our environmental performance and thereby reduce or prevent damage to the environment.

We strive to comply with all environmental legislation, regulations and requirements, foster an environmentally conscious culture through proper training and communication throughout the workforce, work with our external stakeholders to help further develop our environmental policy and monitor and review our environmental performance on an annual basis at a minimum.

In particular, we are committed to using common practices in order to reduce our consumption of materials such as paper and plastic (i.e. sending documents digitally), reducing our carbon footprint by utilising public transportation or carpooling wherever possible and reducing wastage by ensuring that as much of our waste as possible is either recycled or reused.

The Environment

Equality & Diversity

At Advance TRS, we believe everyone deserves the same opportunities, regardless of age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. The diversity of our workforce is an essential part of our success. As such, we are committed to supporting contractors and staff to work in an environment that is free from discrimination and promotes equal opportunities for all.

The Advance TRS company values centre on: quality, honesty, commitment, integrity, and loyalty. These values govern every aspect of our work and require all internal and external stakeholders to treat each other with care and respect, to maintain a working environment where everyone can be focused to deliver a high-quality service.

As a basic bedrock of our commitment to upholding equality and diversity, we are careful to comply with all legislation that governs our business operations. By having strict policies and procedures in place to adhere to, with regards to employment and anti-discrimination we are able to provide the same level of opportunity for everyone, improve our management and personnel management practice and demonstrate our commitment to be an equal opportunities employer.

Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking

Modern slavery is the illegal exploitation of people for personal or commercial gain. It takes various forms and can include forced employment, sexual or criminal exploitation or domestic servitude. Through threats, violence or coercion, victims of modern slavery may suffer unacceptably low pay, or no pay at all, have excessive wage deductions imposed on them in the form of debts that cannot realistically be paid back, be subject to poor working conditions, humiliation or ill-treatment, be housed in squalid accommodation or have their identity documents taken away from them. All our employees have responsibilities to ensure our contractors are safeguarded, treated fairly and with dignity.