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International Women’s Day – What it Means for Advance TRS

10th March 2023

How Advance TRS will Advocate for Change

As a recruitment company, we believe we have a part to play on International Women’s Day by challenging gender bias and inequality within the built environment. That is why we will continue to exercise and encourage clients to engage with more women within the engineering sector. On the other hand, our lovely female candidates will get our utmost support and help to confidently enter the space as we have a firm belief in their abundance of passion and future success.

Celebrating our Advance TRS Women

We are privileged to work with many brilliant women in the Advance TRS team, and would like to personally highlight the positivity we have received from their presence and dedication to the company:

Why is International Women’s Day Important to you?

“It is an opportunity to celebrate and support Women and girls around the world, as we remember the brave and empowering women who fought for equality.” – Lauren Hawkins | Health & Safety Manager

Remembering the History

The 8th of March is a day to celebrate the achievements from events throughout history where Women have echoed for change. In 1911, one million people across European countries protested at rallies to fight for women’s rights. This significant world-changing protest started on International Women’s Day, now celebrated on a global scale annually.

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