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Not sure where to start with writing a CV or not fully happy with your one? Want to see an example to compare to yours to?

We have created a CV template that you can download to either fill straight in or just to use as a reference.


Your CV needs to:

  • Look smart
  • Be readable
  • Have clear and concise information

Try and keep your CV down to two pages wherever possible. When going through CVs, most recruiters or employers will look at the last three jobs that you’ve had. If you’ve worked in a number of jobs or on a number of projects, try including the summary of your duties in just your last three jobs and then list all other jobs with just the company, job title and the dates you were there. You can elaborate on any of your older jobs in an interview.

Read our full CV writing tips here.

Download our CV Template here.



*Please note, the text in each section on the CV Template is a guide, please make sure you delete our writing as you write your own.