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Traits of a Top Recruitment Consultant

12th November 2019

At Advance TRS we pride ourselves on being the best we can be and delivering a premium quality service to our candidates and clients alike. In order to deliver this, we look for people with the right qualities and habits so we can equip them with the tools to be the best recruiters. 

Personally, I didn’t pursue the academic route, but that definitely did not stop me. At my peak, I billed over £1million in a year. How? Because I am tenacious, determined, competitive and I work hard. 

This drive has taken me from a recruitment novice to million-pound biller, and from business start-up to successful business owner, founder and MD of a multi-million-pound business. 

Delivering premium recruitment solutions is not easy, it can be arduous and is hard work. However, as a successful consultant, the rewards can be huge. To rival the biggest billers there are a few qualities that are essential for success. 

Here are some we look for in new starters, see if you think you have what it takes. 


Top performers are ambitious and goal-oriented. We are looking for people who are not satisfied with simply plodding along. We are looking for those who will go above and beyond to chase down their goals and are hungry to push themselves to the next level. 


Inevitably the best recruiters simply work harder and smarter than everyone else. No one likes a busy fool, so implement time management strategies effectively to get the most out of your time, avoid the distractions, and get on the phone. The harder you work, the higher the rewards, your only limit is you! 


Focus is essential to running your desk. A successful 360 consultant will need to effectively multi-task to keep all the plates of the recruitment process spinning – so to make this easier, keep your desk and your plan focused and organised so you don’t fall into the trap of being busy doing nothing. 


Recruitment can be tough and full of rejection, so having a positive outlook is essential for success. Those who expect to succeed more often than not are the ones who are prepared to put in the time and the work to make it happen. Plus… some studies indicate that optimists outsell pessimists by up to 40%!


Our top performers don’t want to just do well, they want to be the best. By pushing themselves and each other the whole team does better. We run regular incentives and competitions in addition to sharing league tables and company records to spur on a little friendly competition in the team. 

Clear communicator

Be it in person, on the phone, via email or social media, recruitment consultants are constantly talking to people. To be successful it is essential that you can effectively communicate with others, to ensure full understanding and effectively market yourself, the business and opportunities. 


In order to build relationships and networks, you need a little dose of confidence, however, don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. Your clients and candidates need to be sure that you are the right person for the job.  


A career in recruitment gives you the unparalleled opportunity to build your own business and write your own paycheck if you are motivated to succeed. No one will do it for you, you need to have the passion and drive to get up in the morning and make your desk a success. 


Never give up, ever. 


People buy from people, so we are looking for people with something about them. A character and personality that makes them stand out from the crowd. At Advance TRS we embrace each other’s quirks and look for likeminded people to fit in our band of misfits.

Do you think you have what it takes to give our big billers a run for their money? If you have the qualities we are looking for get in touch to see how we can advance your career. Visit our website or for a discrete conversation contact Paul Metcalfe, Advance TRS CEO on 07793 554 413 or email