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How to Deal with a Counter Offer

16th March 2023

So, you have been interviewing for a new opportunity and have been offered the job! Hooray! But when you go to hand in your notice they offer you a counter offer to tempt you to stay.

How should you handle a counter offer?

Stop, Think, and Remember Why You Were Looking for a New Role in the First Place

Before considering the offer in front of you, take the time to think about the original motivation to move. Do they provide the solutions required for you to be satisfied? Do they offer the additional training, support, and stress relief that you were originally wishing for? Will the agreed changes be permanent or only a temporary fix? Do you honestly see yourself remaining with your current employer for the next 5-10 years?

DID YOU KNOW “80% of candidates who have received a counter offer tend to be back on the market within six months for the exact same reason!”

This is an important career and life choice for you. Take your time, don’t rush, and evaluate your options and think long-term before your big decision.

The Mask Behind a Counteroffer – What it Really Means

We understand that a sudden pay increase seems positive at first thought – You may feel like your value to the company is finally respected. However, don’t let this fool you! Often the purpose behind the counter offer may not relate to meeting your needs, but to simply avoid the potential cost and time to replace you in the short term. Employers often know what you want to hear, as there are many hidden intentions behind a counteroffer which you should be made aware of before you consider accepting a counter offer.

Consequences to Consider:

  • After accepting, your employer is aware of your unhappiness. Your loyalty will now always be in question, impacting potential promotions in the future.
  • Remember that the company that you chose to stay with only respected your worth when you threatened your own position. Hindsight for future requests.
  • Once word gets out, the relationship with your co-workers may not be the same.
  • If the business decides to downsize, your employer will begin the cutbacks with you.
  • Accepting a counter offer causes other employers to question your commitment knowing you were bought out of a move.
  • The same circumstances which now cause you to consider a change will likely repeat themselves in the future

Make a considered and informed decision that’s right for you

Remember that you now have an offer for a new start with new opportunity and the decision in your hands, you have come a long way to reach this point. Make sure you make an informed decision that makes the most sense for you.

Speak to your recruitment consultant if you are considering a counteroffer and discuss your options with them – they will have a strong understanding of the market, your value as a professional and likely know what upcoming projects are being awarded that can forecast future workstreams.

If your current employer is the one for you, it is for them to convince you of how your solutions can be met. With respect and honesty, you can ask the right questions and communicate with your employer to find out the reason behind the counteroffer. Why did it take the threatening of your own position to find change?

Lastly, considering the significance of either accepting or declining, don’t be afraid to ask for time to consider your offer! No matter the decision, it is always best to be polite, honest, and respectful. Take into consideration how it would feel for your new employer to receive initial acceptance, only for your offer to then be turned down later.

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