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Kick start your summer with a new career

1st May 2013

Summer is on the horizon- time to dust off the sunnies and stash the winter boots, time for change, time for a new career?

With the summer months approaching there is no better time to consider your options when it comes to your employment. Whether you’re searching for a salary increase to help fund that perfect summer holiday, a role closer to home or simply a change of direction, specialist railway recruiters Advance-TRS are here to assist every step of the way.

Step 1.

Know exactly which sector you want to work in, how far you are prepared to travel, whether you want permanent or temporary employment and the salary or rate you are prepared to accept.

If you are unsure of anything such as your market value then talk to a recruitment expert in your sector.

Step 2.

Search for specialist recruiters in your industry. These specialists will have relationships with the key companies and employers; as well as live jobs that are ready to be filled.

advance-TRS are specialist railway recruiters with a combined experience of over 40 years, they are preferred suppliers to the majority of employers within the rail sector and will undoubtedly have contacts within the companies you wish to be considered by.

Big online job boards can be useful, however, many allow a multitude of agencies to have access to your CV. This can result in mass CV mailshots by inexperienced recruiters to unsuitable employers, a fact that could tarnish your professional integrity.

Step 3.

Prepare your CV in case a role becomes immediately available.

Remember, you must be able to support the statements made in your CV, avoid unnecessary exaggeration as untruths will probably come to light during reference checks.

And finally…

Ensure that your Facebook settings are set to private! Employers use social media to check up on candidates so any lurid pictures and expletives should be deleted and your LinkedIn profile kept up to date.

advance-TRS offers recruitment jobs and advice to the rail industry, to search our latest jobs click here or call 01483 361 061 to speak with a member of our team.