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Retain YOUR Talent

27th June 2013

At a time when many businesses are struggling, it is imperative that employers are equipped to source the staff who will provide the best return on investment. However, many continue to get it wrong, costing them a small fortune.

Victoria Turner asks Andy Ridout, Managing Director of rail Recruitment Company, advance-TRS why businesses are so often failing in their selection strategies and how top talent can be retained.

“Your employees will be your most valuable asset. In most cases they will also be your greatest cost, so the first step to success is hiring the right people,” Commented Ridout.

Ridout believes that successful candidate selection requires the employer to be precise about what a role actually involves. It is important to understand exactly what will be expected of a candidate before you can ascertain the type of employee you are looking for.

Do you need an individual who others can be lead and motivated by? If so, ensure that the questions you ask during the interview allow the candidate to not only demonstrate their knowledge and qualifications but to express the personal characteristics of a successful leader.

Training specialist Monique Choudhuri, Head of Training and Development at advance-TRS has built up a 25-year portfolio of blue chip clients including British Airways, BSkyB and Fircroftand and is only too familiar with the staffing problems most companies face.

Monique explained, “For a business to flourish, every employer should understand the psychology behind interviewing, as well as the various techniques that can be applied to identify the strongest candidates in the talent pool.”
So, once you have perfected your interview methods and have applied them accordingly you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your new employee’s labour, right? Wrong!

According to Monique, it is at this stage that employers are lulled into a false sense of security, often causing the most expensive mistakes to be made.

Companies are increasingly guilty of failing to get the most from their staff. In some sectors, 43% of employees complain of lacking opportunity for growth. This not only means that their potential remains unrealised but that they are more likely to leave.

Advance Training and Recruitment Services offer their clients consistent training, personal development plans and mentoring, all part of a client retention strategy designed to develop an employee’s most valuable assets, boost company morale and maximise productivity. Surely this is an investment which no business can afford to be without?

To book a free consultation with Monique or for further information on how we can help develop your business please contact advance- TRS on 01483 361 061 or email

“Together, we can all advance.”