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Searching for a job? Find out how to optimise your job search

9th January 2017

Know what you are looking for

Before you begin you need to know the position you are seeking and what titles these roles will be found under, be aware that the same job can be labelled differently. For instance, a Project Manager may be referred to as a Programme Manager.

Make sure you know exactly which sector you want to work in, where you want to work, how far you are prepared to travel, whether you are interested in permanent or temporary employment and the salary or rate you are prepared to accept.

If you are unsure of anything such as your market value then talk to a recruitment expert in your sector.

Searching for a Job

Use search engines to search for specialist recruiters in your industry. These specialists will have relationships with the key companies and employers; they will also have live jobs that are ready to be filled.

Advance-TRS are specialist recruiters with experience of over 40 years, they are preferred suppliers to the majority of employers within the rail sector.

Big online job boards can be useful, however, many allow a multitude of agencies to have access to your CV. This can result in mass CV mailshots by inexperienced recruiters to unsuitable employers, which may tarnish your professional integrity.


Before searching for jobs make sure you have your CV prepared in case a role becomes immediately available.

Ensure that your Facebook settings are set to private! Many employers use social media to check up on candidates so any lurid pictures and expletives should be deleted and your LinkedIn profile kept up to date.