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Preparing for GDPR

7th February 2018

25th May 2018 sees the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), bringing with it the biggest change to European data protection legislation in the last 20 years.

Advance TRS Ltd. is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and security of all personal data it is required to retain. In light of the upcoming changes in legislation, the main board directors and senior managers have committed to a structured delivery programme that will see the revision of our Privacy Policy and a complete review of our existing data protection commitments, processes and procedures. All of these will be updated in line with the new legislation and ensure any processes changes are understood and cascaded throughout the business.

The Advance TRS company structure facilitates transparent and compliant administration of the GDPR updates, this includes assigning responsibilities for Data Protection to a specific individual within the structure of the organisation. Through the implementation of defined processes and with a strong focus on managing risk, Advance TRS is committed to communicating openly with internal and external customers on how their personal data is collected and stored. This also includes a regular review of the accuracy of personal data held along with routine opportunities for this to be updated.

Advance TRS only process personal data that is essential to business operations or our continued compliance with government and regulatory bodies where we are required to achieve certain operational, vocational and administrative standards. All personal data is stored in a password-protected database located on an external server within a high-security data centre in the United Kingdom.

Data security is of paramount importance to Advance TRS as part of our protection from any data breaches. Systems are constantly monitored, audited and assessed to facilitate the detection of potential breaches.

For more information as to how we are preparing for the implementation of GDPR, or to access a copy of our updated Privacy Policy, contact our Group Operations Director, Paul Merton on 01483 361061.

For more information as to how your company can prepare for GDPR you can review the ICO’s guidance here or contact us to discuss how we are managing our delivery programme.