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Rail News Roundup

15th January 2019

The latest news this week in the Rail Industry:


Waboso to leave Network Rail

David Waboso, the managing director of Network Rail’s Group Digital Railway (DR), is to retire in March. Read more…

London trams to be fitted with automatic braking system in response to Sandilands recommendations

London’s tram network is to be fitted with an automatic braking system in response to safety recommendations following the fatal Croydon tram crash. Read more…

Deutsche Bahn may sell Arriva to plug multi-billion gap in finances

Deutsche Bahn (DB) reportedly wants to sell Arriva in order to plug a £3.6bn gap in its finances, although reports from Berlin say Brexit is making it hard to value the rail business. Read more…

Christmas 2018: Quiet network, busy Network Rail

While many spent the Christmas and New Year break with family and friends, a 25,000-strong workforce laboured through £148 million worth of work for Network Rail. Read more…

HS2 could run fewer and slower trains to keep within budget and schedule, warns chief executive

HS2 could be forced to run fewer trains and at slower speeds in order to keep the high-speed rail project within its £56m budget, its chief executive has said. Read more…


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