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Rail News Roundup

11th February 2019

The latest news this week in the Rail Industry:


Network Rail: Week on the Network

Network Rail works hard to improve the network each week. Every week, we’ll highlight some of those interesting stories. Read more…

Using Data to Improve Fleet Maintenance

Rail Engineer has reported on the use of data analytics before, following attendance at Rolling Stock Maintenance conferences organised by London Business Conferences. Read more…

RMT suspends Northern strike action after “major breakthrough”

Union RMT has suspended its ongoing programme of strike action at Northern over the retention and the role of the guard on its trains. Read more…

Cutting edge technology helping Network Rail to almost double track maintenance capacity

A key part of Network Rail’s ‘predict and prevent’ strategy, Plain Line Pattern Recognition (PLPR) is helping to deliver a safer and more reliable railway for the 4.8 million passengers who rely upon it every day. Read more…

Robinson onboard for Wales

Not-for-profit government agency Transport for Wales has appointed Lee Robinson as development director for North Wales. Read more…


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