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Water News Roundup

24th April 2019

The latest news this week in the Water & Utilities Industry:

Thames Water battles giant ‘concreteberg’

Thames Water is removing a record-busting ‘concreteberg’ from under the streets of central London after discovering an industrial amount of solidified cement plugging three Victorian sewers. Read more…

Southern Water bans anti-nesting nets in projects

Southern Water has banned the use of nets intended to prevent birds nesting in trees and bushes as part of its engineering projects. Read more…

Apple Announces “Major Expansion” Of Recycling Programmes

Apple has announced a major expansion of its recycling programmes, quadrupling the number of locations US customers can send their iPhone to be disassembled by Daisy, its recycling robot. Read more…

CCWater wants all companies to adopt compensation changes

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has praised seven water companies for boosting compensation for people that are left without running water and called on the rest of the industry to follow suit. Read more…

Energy and Utility Skills joins with Youth Employment UK

Energy & Utility Skills has launched a collaborative partnership with Youth Employment UK to encourage more young people into the energy and utility sector. Read more…

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