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LinkedIn tips & tricks to help you find your next role 

3rd March 2023

How could using LinkedIn help me find a new job? 

LinkedIn now holds over 850 million users, with over 35,000 skills listed to filter. With the ability to personalise your own profile, you can display previous experiences, useful skills, portfolios, and CV’s. We all know LinkedIn is now known as the perfect personal branding tool to find work. Hence why it is key to update and maximise your profile, as the aim is to get noticed by potential recruiters like us. 

Update Your LinkedIn Headline & About Us 

For your profile to maximise reach into the right people, reference industry-specific keywords that can go into your LinkedIn Headline & About section. Avoid generic phrases and think about specific knowledge useful in the type of jobs you’re seeking. All technical terms for your specific areas of work are a bonus, this can be education or expertise related also. Use it to highlight who you are, and what you do, you could also include what kind of opportunities you are looking for if you are openly looking for work.  

For example, instead of;  

  • Senior Management
  • Consultant
  • Engineering
  • Project Manager
  • Surveyor

Why not try;  

  • Possession & Worksite Management
  • Project Planning
  • Document Controller
  • Commercial Management
  • Document Controller
  • Signalling Projects
  • Principle/Civil/Senior/Project/Geotechnical Engineer
  • Client Management

Personalise Your LinkedIn Profile 

As essential as it is to have a professional outlook on your page, remember that it is still a social platform and a good visual of your character!  

  1. Update your profile cover. This is a good way to show your interest, ambition, or lifestyle. You could use an image or graphic that represents your work or the business you work for.  
  2. Update your profile picture. We highly recommend displaying an up-to-date, clear, and professional profile picture of yourself so people can put a face to your name! 
  3. Post about your achievements and engage with others in your industry/company. This helps you build your presence on the platform as an engaged member of the LinkedIn community.  
  4. Update your employment history and detail your key responsibilities and achievements for each role.

Let Recruiters Know You’re Open to Work 

If you are actively looking for a new role, you can let your network and recruiters know by using the #OpenToWork feature. Here you can select the types of roles you are interested in, and your preferred location. This will help promote your profile to recruiters who are searching for candidates.  

#OpenToWork also gives you control of who can see you are looking for a new opportunity. You can select from 2 levels of visibility:  

  • All LinkedIn Members: This also includes recruiters and people at your current company. It also adds the #OpenToWork photo frame. 
  • Recruiters only: People using LinkedIn Recruiter only. To protect your privacy, we take steps to prevent LinkedIn Recruiter users who work at your current company from seeing your shared career interests, but we can’t guarantee complete privacy. 

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