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Are You Looking For A Pay Rise?

24th March 2023

Periodically, you may find yourself feeling undervalued and looking for a pay rise. Increasing your salary may be as simple as speaking to your employer, but being prepared will always help you to achieve your aims. Here are some things to consider when seeking in increase.

Speak to Your Employer:

Are you looking for an increased salary with your current employer? Knowing how and when to ask increases your chances of approval. Here are several factors to consider whether the time is right for such a demand:

  1. Recent achievements still in memory: If you can recall and bring attention to when you exceeded an expectation set in recent times, this can reinforce your explanation of how valuable you are to your company and why a pay rise is deserved.
  2. The financial status and performance of your employer: Employers are more likely to focus on staff retention and approve a pay rise when they are performing well as a business and improving in all financial areas.
  3. An upcoming performance/employee Review: If you have a performance review meeting soon coming up, it is best to hold any discussions till this period as it is a natural and respectful time to talk about salary.
  4. Added Responsibilities or Signs of Growth Within your Role: Lastly, if you feel like your responsibilities have expanded from your contractual agreement and you are being asked to do more or higher-quality work, this is proven to be a great time to sit down and discuss your salary.

Researching Your Market value:

Putting in research to either see what your expected salary for your role should be, or to potentially explore options elsewhere with better pay is a great way to achieve a satisfactory wage. Especially due to the higher cost of living in recent years, putting in the effort to find out what wage is justifiable can be the difference-maker to achieving your end goal.

Here is a calculator tool If you would like to find out your worth in-terms of your job role.

Contact a Specialist:

Another efficient way to find out how much your skills and qualities can be worth is to talk to a specialist recruiter like us. Given our knowledge of the engineering and infrastructure sectors, not only can we advise on a wage you should expect, but we can also educate you on other opportunities available that can achieve or even surpass your salary expectations!

Perhaps Time for a Change:

We know how frustrating it can be to have promises made by your employer unfulfilled or requests to not be considered or even heard. Sadly, the option to find somewhere else where you are more valued for your output is what is best for your quality of life. It is also proven that switching jobs means you are more likely to get a pay increase at all, and likely to get a significantly higher one, than you are if you stay in your current position.

DID YOU KNOW – the average range of salary increases for people switching jobs tends to hover around 5-10%.

Contact Advance TRS:

For more guidance as you consider your job change, take a look at our advance advice page. We have a variety of job searching articles available, from CV writing tips to interview techniques.

Be sure to contact us today at 01483 361 061 or head to our contact us page. to talk to one of our friendly & helpful consultants, who offers a free confidential conversation about your place in the recruitment market and what opportunities are out there within the built environment.

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