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5 Job Search Tips for Summer

12th May 2023

We are all guilty of reminiscing past summer memories and feeding our intrusive thoughts to simply kick our feet back, doze in the sun and delay our job search as it gets hotter. However, at Advance TRS, we encourage everyone to find that perfect work-to-life balance as the summer period has an impressive influx of new roles! Here are 5 of your top summer job search tips to get you started: 

1. Sticking To a Schedule 

We encourage a disciplined approach to having somewhat of a weekly structure, so leisure plans don’t interrupt your end goal. We know as the weather improves, fun activities start to flourish and suddenly distractions surround your job search. Summer is an opportunity to grab with both hands and get ahead of the curve. We recommend drawing up a realistic schedule for yourself and committing to achieving daily tasks to ensure you take any opportunities that come your way. 

2. Keep Your Resume and Job Profiles Up-to-Date. 

Your CV and profile are your marketing tool to advertise yourself to potential employers that you’re the right fit. It is crucial to keep this current, quirky, and effective to maximise chances of securing an interview! If starting fresh, then updating your CV is the very first step. Once completed, publish this on your LinkedIn profile and refresh this by checking if past work experiences and skills are included and relevant.  

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Once you have updated your CV, make sure to share it on the leading job boards in your chosen sector too. There are lots of specialist job boards out there and by registering for these and updating your profile, you can help recruiters and hiring managers find you!  

We list various job opportunities within the rail, water and construction sectors if you are seeking an Infrastructure role this Summer! 

3. The influx of Infrastructure Roles 

Due to many graduates returning from universities looking for entrant placements, many opportunities within the infrastructure sector will arise. At Advance TRS we do everything we can to help our candidates get the upper edge on the competition. Check out our other tips & tricks on our Advance Advice career page to secure a successful job hunt! 

Are you interested in being a part of our fun & friendly culture here at Advance TRS? With a wide, extensive selection of company benefits available and an opportunity to kickstart your career, head to our website to learn more about working life and vacancies available at Advance TRS. If interested, contact our Talent Acquisition Manager Jess, who is happy to help!  

4. Taking Advantage of Longer Days 

With the getting longer, getting up earlier and taking advantage of the extended days to get your job search efforts completed before the day begins is an excellent way to create balance and take steps forward to build the life you want. 

5. An Excellent Balance of Outdoor Activities 

We understand the employment process can be very tedious and draining. Hence why it is necessary to ease your mind and take a break throughout your job search. So, go on a beach trip, enjoy the sun and BBQs with friends as you encourage positive body language and improve on social skills for when your interview comes around! Another great value of any outdoor activities is the networking possibility since you never know who can help support your employment for your next role!  

We have a wide variety of live jobs regularly uploaded on our website for you to consider. You can also register for alerts to make sure you are the first to view our most in-demand opportunities. If stuck, please contact our team at 01483 361 061 to receive specialist advice on what opportunities are out there for you within the built environment.