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Advance TRS team complete the Three Peaks Challenge by Rail!

6th July 2023

A huge congratulations to Louise, Tom, Jake, and Sam, who have successfully completed the Three Peaks by Rail challenge, and what a journey it has been!

The Three Peaks by Rail challenge is an exhilarating adventure that combines the physical feat of climbing three mountains: Snowdon (1085 meters), Scarfell Pike (978 meters), and Ben Nevis (1345 meters). Their goal was not only to conquer the peaks but also to raise funds and awareness for a deserving charity. Railway Children, dedicated to supporting vulnerable children.

Louise, Tom, Jake, and Sam overcame a challenging 48 hours, demonstrating incredible determination and teamwork. The team dedicated several weeks to preparing themselves from walking up Pen y Fan, to making sure they had all the equipment needed (however last minute, Tom) and of course, getting the extra steps in on the golf course! All this preparation helped them get ready to take on their challenge.

The Challenge

On the 15th of June, the team arrived at Crewe, joining the train to travel to the first mountain, the highest peak in Wales, Snowdon. The team successfully completed the challenging task of climbing the 1,085 meters in complete darkness, with adrenaline flowing.

“This was the most enjoyable mountain,” said Louise, “as you could see a trail of head torches when you looked down the mountain as well as the enjoyment of scrambling their way back in the dark!”

Once Snowdon was completed the team re-joined the train to travel back into England to face Scarfell Pike.

On the journey, the team took the opportunity to attempt to sleep with little success. Scarfell Pike posed a unique additional challenge of a 4-mile walk from the station to the mountain before the 8-hour window to climb and descend the 978-meter mountain began.

“It was by far the hardest challenge, nothing but steep steps all the way up and, in 30 degrees heat it was hard graft – especially as they make us walk 2 hours to the bottom of the mountain from the train!”

Once the first 2 mountains were successfully completed. The team then moved on to their final challenge of Ben Nevis. The last mountain presented them with their ultimate test of climbing 1,345 meters.

Once completed they were greeted with the sound of the bagpipes as they reached the bottom of the mountain which proved an overall overwhelming experience for the whole team! Even with tired and aching bodies the team pulled through and completed the challenge, well done everyone!

We would like to thank anyone who donated to reach our end goal of £4,000. However, the challenge continues with another remaining £467 to raise for Railway Children. The team has already raised an incredible £3,553 for the children’s charity.

Show your support for their incredible effort and help them complete their final hurdle of reaching their ultimate fundraising goal.

The Team’s Final Statistics


Total time: 4hrs 15 mins

Scafell Pike

Total Time: 4hrs 38 mins

Ben Nevis

Total Time: 7hrs 10 mins

Railway Children

Advance TRS has been a long supporter and partner of Railway Children and the Rail Aid campaign. Railway children work to support vulnerable children who live on the streets. The organisation aims to provide protection, support, and opportunities for these children. Our staff has taken part in multiple challenges to support this charity already such as a Vietnam ride, A trek up Kilimanjaro, an Everest base camp as well as a previous Three Peaks by Rail challenge.

Find out more about how Railway Children help children in need.