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Embracing the blues: A journey to Wellness in Blue January

22nd January 2024

At Advance TRS we are excited to kickstart the year with our wellness initiatives, to combat the fallout of ‘Blue January’. This is designed to encourage our employees to prioritise their mental and physical health, fostering a positive and supportive work culture.  

‘Blue January’, also known as the ‘January Blues,’ is a term used to describe the post-holiday period when people may experience a dip in mood and motivation. At Advance TRS, we view this as an opportunity to proactively support and encourage our team to set themselves up for a positive start to the year.  

Our wellness program has always been at the center of our employee experience and is the driving force behind our promoted initiatives in Blue January. These initiatives focus on helping our team to strengthen their efforts to prioritize mental health, stress management, and work-life balance.    

Why wellness matters to us.  

We recognise the significance of a workplace where mental and physical health is not just encouraged but prioritised. A positive culture around wellness empowers individuals, enhances productivity, and provides a positive workplace. 

What we do at Advance TRS 

Mental Health Awareness Week  

Every year, we use Mental Health Awareness Week as a powerful platform to raise awareness and educate. At Advance TRS, we take proactive steps to support our team’s well-being with the presence of two dedicated Mental Health first-aiders. They serve as a go-to resource for anyone within our organisation seeking advice, guidance, or simply a listening ear. Their training ensures that they can provide valuable insights, direct individuals to additional support, and create a safe space for open conversations. This commitment reflects our ongoing efforts to prioritise mental health and create a supportive environment for everyone at Advance TRS.  

Wellness Hour  

Each week, we offer staff the opportunity to embrace their wellness hour – a dedicated time to either conclude their workday an hour earlier or commence it an hour later to encourage activities that contribute positively to their mental health.  

By empowering our team to use this hour for personal well-being activities, we help them to prioritise self-care and recognise the impact it can have on overall mental health. This aligns with our commitment to a healthier work-life balance supporting a culture that values and supports the well-being of each team member.  

Available Support. 

Our Wellbeing Hub offers impartial and confident support via a 24-hour counseling helpline, with access to debt legal and child/dependent care advisors the opportunity to have a “Live Chat” with a counselor as well as a wealth of practical tips, help sheets, and stimulating reading.   

Join us  

Ready to be part of a team that values your wellbeing as much as you? Join Advance TRS where your journey is not just about building a career but nurturing a balanced life. Visit our Work for Us Page to explore the current opportunities open to you.