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Ironman Welcomes Fair Pay Charter

24th April 2012

Andy Ridout, Managing Director of Advance Training and Recruitment Ltd is hard at work training for the Horseman Ironman competition.

Andy is dedicating his efforts to the charity Railway Children. As a father of three, he aims to raise £10,000 through sponsorship. Says Andy, ‘Everyday thousands of homeless children put themselves at risk through desperation to survive on railway lines around the world. There is nothing more precious in this world than children and I hope that my efforts can make more people aware of this fantastic cause.’

Andy Ridout has welcomed the news of Network Rail’s recent agreement to create a fair pay charter. Andy, who recruits permanent and contract staff throughout the railway sector commented, ‘It is a great and positive step for the industry which will have a hugely beneficial effect on the entire supply chain.’ He went on to say, ‘I hope that small and medium enterprises adopt a similar attitude in order to sustain the fluidity of the payment structure throughout the industry. The agreement sets to open new doors for the rail sector. By reducing the risk involved in investment, smaller business will be encouraged to invest in the industry, thus adding greater competition and improving on costs.’

Advance-TRS offers discounted introductory fees in return for shorter payment terms. The new charter will hopefully pave the way for the larger contractors to take advantage of this offer, giving them the opportunity to invest even more heavily in areas such as safety.

To follow Andy’s fundraising journey or to sponsor him please visit his Virgin Money Giving page.