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Water News Roundup

1st May 2019

The latest news this week in the Water & Utilities Industry:

Planning green light given for Ringsend upgrade

Planning permission has been granted for the upgrade of Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant near Dublin, Ireland’s largest wastewater treatment project. Read more…

Cash-for-trash initiative looks to save Britain’s waterways

Environmental consultancy APEM has launched a ‘cash-for-trash’ initiative to help tackle the problem of plastic pollution in Britain’s waterways. Read more…

Draft Environment Bill “Does Not Match EU Protections”

The Government’s draft Environment Bill does not match the current environmental protections provided by membership of the EU, according to the findings of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Efra) Committee. Read more…

Renationalisation may cost just £14.5 billion, Moody’s says

The cost of renationalising the water industry could be significantly lower than previous estimates, according to new research carried out by the rating agency Moody’s. Read more…

Yorkshire Water to install record number of acoustic loggers

Yorkshire Water has announced that it will invest £10 million to install a world-record number of acoustic loggers in its underground pipe network to detect leakage. Read more…

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