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What are the benefits of working with a Recruiter?

1st October 2019

Looking for a new job can be an exhausting and daunting prospect. What kind of salary can I get? Which companies are hiring? What are the people like? How do I update my CV? What do I say at an interview? These are all questions that can get in the way of you taking your next step in your career. 

It can also be a lonely process if you don’t want to let on to friends and colleagues that you are looking to move, you may be left feeling out on a limb. 

Recruiters can have a bad reputation, but fundamentally they can really help you to find your next role and hold your hand through the process, being a trusted advisor and confidant to help you make your next step the right one.

Here are just a few benefits of working with a recruitment consultant. 

1. Help with updating your CV

If you have been out of the job market for a while, the thought of updating your CV might be a scary one. By working with a recruitment consultant, they can help you through the process, giving you CV templates, tips and tricks or even writing it with you. Don’t hesitate to ask them for support and guidance – a good consultant will know how to make your CV stand out from the rest. Finally, remember this service is free for you! So make sure you get the full benefits of working with a pro. Read our CV writing tips or download our CV template

2. Bring you to life

No more battling to be the most eye-catching CV on the pile. Not only can a recruitment consultant help you look great on paper, but they can also bring you to life for the client. By getting to know you and understanding what you have to offer, they can sell you to the client so that before they have even seen your CV they want to meet you. This jumps you to the top of the pile and ahead of the competition. 

3. Finding hidden gems 

Good recruitment consultants have exclusive relationships with their clients, with access to roles that are not openly advertised on the job market. Simply put, your dream job might be out there but you may never see it unless you engage with a consultant well embedded in your industry, working with the companies you want to work for. So do your research to find the consultant representing these companies and let them unlock the hidden gem jobs you didn’t even know about.

4. Salary clarity 

From day one a consultant will know the salary information for roles you are applying for and will work to understand your expectations and value on the market. A consultant can also act as a great advocate in uncomfortable salary conversations to help negotiate on your behalf for the salary you are looking for so you won’t have to wonder if you could have got a higher salary in hindsight. 

5. Interview walkthrough 

Consultants know the client, the locations and their interview style. They are best placed to coach you through the interview process so you can put your best foot forward and feel confident and prepared. It is in the consultant’s interest that you perform well at interview stage if you’re the right person for the role, and having someone in your corner to coach you through the process can make it less stressful. Read our interview tips here

At Advance TRS our consultants work in a consultative manner and strive to act as your trusted advisor. Remember as a candidate our service is free and our team are here to help you through the process from start to finish. 

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