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The difference your workspace can make

11th February 2020

Many of us spend a big chunk of our workdays at a desk. So it might not come as a surprise that your workspace can make a big difference to your motivation and productivity. A tidy desk can equal a clear mind and help you work more efficiently. We’ve collated some tips to help you improve your workplace.


Having plants around you won’t just give your workspace a nicer look and feel, they also help to keep the air fresher and cleaner. 

Desks and chairs – quality counts

We spend big chunks of our days sitting at desks. This can have a significant impact on your posture and general wellbeing. A desk that allows you to adjust its height, so you can either stand or sit down while working can make a real difference to your health and productivity.

It is also worth investing in chairs that support the back and enable an ideal sitting position. 

Bright and breezy

It’s also a good idea to keep the office light and bright, using lighter shades for your walls instead of dark colours. The odd splash of colour here and there will give it a great look. 

Utilise and maximise natural daylight wherever you can as this, too, will help with productivity. 

Offer storage options

A cluttered desk means more distractions and can impact your productivity and concentration. Having storage options where you can put paperwork and utensils will keep your desk much tidier and in turn, help to stay focused. 

We hope these points give you some inspiration for improvements you might have been wanting to make to your own workspace!

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