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A year of reflection

23rd December 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, the Advance TRS team have been reflecting on what has been another memorable year. Whilst Covid-19 has still created challenges, the markets have continued to flourish, and the team remained motivated in providing an excellent service to clients and candidates.

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary has allowed the team to look back on our incredible growth and look forward to exciting times ahead. In the final part of our 3-part blog series, we discuss this with Founder and Managing Director Andy Ridout.

Where do you want the company to be in the next few months/years?

Andy: In the immediate future we just want to re-engage with clients face to face, rather than via zoom or teams. Whilst these tools have been a saving grace in the last 2 years, there’s nothing better than sitting down together and sharing thoughts, ambitions etc. Personal interaction has always been a key driver for the business, so we can’t wait to get back out there.

In the next 12-18 months we’re hoping to see things improve even further with the pandemic. We’ll remain understanding of our clients wants and needs to help them stabilise in a post-pandemic world. Understandably our clients are catching up on project that had been delayed during Covid. However, we’re on hand to help deliver suitable candidates and provide support.

Longer term, we want to expand on what we’re already doing. We’ve got a great team, with expertise and knowledge in their sectors, and an established client base. We plan on improving the communication we have with our clients and keeping them up to date with what we’re doing, the services we’re providing etc. It would also be nice to see us expanding into other markets such as renewables, power and nuclear.

What are the plans for South Coast (& other locations)?

Andy: The south coast have been smashing their targets, outperforming in every area. They are doing such a fantastic job, that we can speed up our plans of growth for the office. We hope to enter the new year with additional staff there, and in the rest of the business. Bringing with them a host of knowledge and experience to expand and strengthen the teams.

We’re also looking to open a new office in London and aiming for a greater presence in the area. The opportunity to attract a different portfolio of recruitment consultants and clients will help take the company to new heights!

So, why join Advance TRS?

Since establishing, our team have managed to deliver year-on-year growth and organic expansion of services, sectors, staff and offices. This is a track record we are very proud of and are keen to continue.

Looking forward to 2022 it’s looking to be an exciting and challenging year. Our team are motivated and driven to support the growth of the business. All whilst maintaining our values and delivering exceptional service to our clients and candidates.

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