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How to Leverage AI in your Job Search

28th September 2023

Almost a year on from the record-breaking launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, artificial intelligence continues to make headlines across the globe. While AI is far from breaking news, its accelerated development is reshaping the way businesses recruit, both directly and through their dedicated recruitment partners.  

If you’re looking for a new role or re-entering the job market, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. 

The key to leveraging AI in your job search is to understand how hiring teams are utilising this fast-evolving technology. Then, you can strategically implement it so that it works in your favour rather than to your detriment. Let’s dive in. 

Using AI to accelerate your research 

It all comes back to the age-old adage: knowledge is power. Keeping up to date with market news and trends is essential – to job searching, to forming valuable connections and ultimately to long-term career success.  

ChatGPT has been subject to scrutiny when it comes to its capabilities as a comprehensive research tool. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for quick information about a company, roles suited to your specific skillset or average expected salary, the platform is renowned for delivering easily digestible summaries which supersede Google’s search return. If you aspire to move into a new position or sector, ChatGPT can compare your existing skillset against the job requirement for a role and advise you on areas for development. It can even recommend ways to build on your understanding, suggesting classes, forums and publications which are popular with industry professionals. 

Make sure to cross-reference your facts, though. While ChatGPT’s iterative abilities mean that it’s growing more intelligent with every search, the platform still can’t offer real-time information. It’s also been known to be inaccurate. 

At Advance TRS, candidates benefit from a wealth of knowledge and market intelligence by working directly with our expert consultants. We’re here to make things easier. Let us do the research for you!  

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Elevating your resume with CV optimisation 

While some industries are only just beginning to harness its capabilities, AI-powered software has been in the recruiter’s arsenal for more than a decade. This revolutionary technology enables hiring teams to conduct searches with precision, using keywords and phrases to screen CVs for high-calibre candidates on job boards, LinkedIn and application tracking systems (ATS). In order to be identified, applicants need to have included these keywords in their resume, or demonstrate the attributes needed to fulfil the role requirements.  

Put simply, in many cases, candidates are interacting with AI before they do a recruiter. The success of their application relies on their CV getting past the pre-screening stage. If businesses continue to invest in AI at the rate they are, by 2025 nearly all companies will use recruitment automation

Not taking AI recruitment software into consideration when writing your CV is tantamount to excluding valuable work experience. But that’s not to say you should think too hard on it. It’s more important to present as your authentic self, showcasing your experience and skillset in a clear, concise way. 

There are a wide variety of CV optimisation tools available to elevate the quality of your resume and ensure that it qualifies for review by a human. These applications can improve the structure, offer alternative turns of phrase to hit keyword counts, and tighten the focus of the content depending on the job you’re applying for. But don’t be tempted to let AI write your CV or cover letter for you. As these platforms grow in popularity, more businesses are using AI detectors to decipher chatbot-written applications. Not to mention, they are prone to turning out some questionable answers. Instead, you should consider speaking to a specialist recruitment consultant if you would like support with writing your CV.  

If you’re not convinced that AI is for you, get in touch with one of our consultants. We’ll help you to optimise your CV, tailor your bio to meet requirement and make sure your personality shines through.  

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Interview preparation 

If you’ve ever interviewed for a job, then chances are that you will have found yourself wishing for the questions in advance. Even the most confident of individuals are prone to some level of apprehension. 

In May 2022, Google launched Interview Warmup, a job readiness tool. The application utilises AI and machine learning to help individuals improve their responses to general and industry-specific interview questions. Interview Warmup analyses both spoken or written answers, looking for patterns, repetitions and key words before providing constructive feedback.

However, where the tool does fall short is its ability to ask technical and competency-based questions. This is where support from a dedicated recruitment consultant could be of more benefit.  

We work with candidates to perfect their approach and prepare for the interview process. From helping them to structure well-rounded responses which highlight their skills, experience and character to pointing out key areas to research and sharing information on the interviewers and business, we know what our clients are looking for and can help match your skills and experience to our clients’ culture and requirements.  

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Advance TRS: Your one-stop technical recruitment service 

If you’re looking for your next role in the built environment, we’re the recruitment consultants for you. At Advance TRS, we recruit on behalf of the UK’s leading engineering businesses. We offer candidates a wide variety of exclusive opportunities. Our complementary and comprehensive service will support you at every stage of the hiring process, from understanding your unique motivations and sharing market intelligence, to preparing you for interview and post-offer negotiations. The secret to our customers’ success? Years and years of real, market intelligence, brought to them by our expert consultants.  

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