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Health and Safety

Safety is one of the single most important issues of any business working within the built environment. At Advance TRS, our target is to achieve zero accidents, ensuring everyone makes it home safely every day. We are proud to be ISO 45001 accredited.

Our Latest Safety Briefings:

The Advance TRS HSQE bulletins are monthly communication documents that are sent out to all of our active contractors and detail the relevant health and safety notices provided by our clients and their subcontractors.

For more information, get in touch with our HSQE representative Lauren by email or by calling 01483 361 061.

Download our Latest HSQE Briefings

September 2021 Safety Bulletin

August 2021 Safety Bulletin

July 2021 Safety Bulletin

Mental Health in the Workplace

At any one time, 1 in 6 employees are dealing with Mental Health problems, and mental health-related issues are known to affect at least 1 in 4 people. Much like physical health, most people’s mental health will not just be continuously good.

The positive mental health and wellbeing of our team has been identified as a top priority by our board and senior management team and as such we have committed significant time as a business to ensure all employees feel supported and can access help.

For our contractors, a steady supply of support information, tips and referrals to support agencies was distributed via social media and our safety bulletins. All consultants are regularly trained in spotting the signs associated with poor mental health and supported to signpost to suitable support where appropriate. This is in addition to our Mental Health Awareness Safety Bulletin designed specifically for our working contractors. 

As a business we have 2 x Trained Mental Health First Aiders, championing the business’s Employee Engagement and Wellbeing programme, as well as acting as a go-to person for any people in the business who are seeking advice or guidance on how to access further support, or who simply need to speak to a listening ear. This support is available at any time virtually, remotely or safely in person. 

Our MHFAider runs quarterly Workshops with all staff – ranging from a general awareness of the impact of mental health, explaining what support is available, highlighting how paralysing stigma can be in preventing people from accessing support, highlighting different methods of self-help or wellness techniques for everyday living. 

We were delighted to be recognised for our efforts to promote positive mental health and support in the workplace by being shortlisted for the Perkbox Workplace Culture Award 2019, which recognises businesses that go above and beyond to ensure employees are happy in their work-life balance. We were also shortlisted as finalists for the Mental Health & Wellbeing Award at the Solent Business Awards 2019, recognising our dedication to supporting the mental health and wellbeing not only of our staff but also of our contractors working across the UK.

Previously, Advance TRS were also awarded winner of Employer of the Year at the Toast of Surrey Business Awards 2018. We are delighted to have been selected as winners in the prestigious Toast of Surrey Business Awards, as Employer of the Year. Recognising our commitment to creating a fun and supportive working environment for our staff.

Download our Mental Health Awareness Publication

Mental health issues are a normal part of life. In any one year, approximately one in four people experience at least one diagnosable mental health issue. This publication aims to share what we have learned and some of the best practices we have seen across the industry with you, our contractors. I hope, like me, that you find it informational and thought-provoking and feel more confident and motivated to play your part in championing mental wellbeing in yourself and in those around you.


Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our employees and temporary workers is an essential aspect of how Advance TRS operates. As a supplier to such a safety-critical sector, we ensure that we are in constant communication with our clients and workers to provide them with relevant information and guidance. As a 5* accredited RISQS supplier, Advance TRS have detailed policies and procedures in place to manage the communication of safety updates from clients, RSSB, HSE and CIRAS.

We provide all our workers with a monthly Health and Safety Bulletin which includes a compilation of any safety incidents we have received from clients throughout the month, a focus on health and welfare depending on the time of year, changes to railway standards, detailed information on contact numbers in case of emergency and reminders on the care of personal protective equipment. 

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