If you are finding yourself at home and with more time on your hands during the COVID-19 lockdown here are 5 home activities that can be done each day to keep you busy and productive with your time. 

Do something creative 

Creativity is a prerequisite for innovation, leads to feelings of accomplishment and pride and can improve your ability to focus. Let your imagination go wild and get your creative juices flowing. Whether it’s journaling your isolation experience, getting creative with your kids’ craft time, doodling, colouring in a mindfulness book, baking, cooking or reaching for the sewing kit. Give yourself permission to create, open your mind and express yourself. 

Get some exercise

Do something to keep you moving each day, be it walking the dog, doing an online workout with your friends or favourite fitness guru. Whatever you choose, keep it fun so it’s something to look forward to. Try not to expect too much of yourself, keep it simple and doable. It could be as simple as dancing around the kitchen whilst making dinner or playing with your kids. Remember, 5 minutes each day is better than just one killer workout a week! 

Expand your knowledge 

With more time on your hands, it’s a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn more about the world around us. Be it deepening your understanding of your industry, learning about different perspectives and cultures or simply studying something that has always intrigued you, expanding your knowledge is a great way to stimulate your mind, improve your memory, expand your vocabulary and find tranquility. There are so many ways to get involved, from reading a book to listening to a podcast, watching a documentary or just doing a crossword. 

Learn a new skill 

What better time to learn that new skill you have always said you would do if you had more time on your hands? With so many youtube videos and apps out there to help you on your journey, seize the opportunity to try something new. Maybe you want to learn a new language, finally learn to play that guitar under the spare bed or pick up some knitting needles and give it a go – learning a new skill is a great way to explore what could be your new favourite hobby! These activities can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Tidy house, tidy mind 

With more time at home, there is both more time to make a mess and more time to tidy it up again! In order to not get overwhelmed, why not break it down into daily tasks. From usual chores like laundry and hoovering to deeper decluttering such as tidying cupboards or sorting through your wardrobe, split up the tasks and do a little each day for an easy win and sense of satisfaction.