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Advance TRS team take on the #WalkAllOverCancer challenge for Cancer Research UK

6th March 2018

This March, a team from Advance TRS have taken on Cancer Research UK’s #WalkAllOverCancer challenge, each team member committing to walking 10,000 steps a day in March.

Ranging from company directors to consultants, and the back office team, each division of the company is represented and we are keeping track of everyone’s progress with a company steps leaderboard.

As a competitive bunch, we have upped the stakes by adding our own incentives into the mix. The person who completes the least amount of steps each week must donate a mandatory contribution to our fundraising whilst the person who completes the least amount of steps throughout the whole month will have to take up a forfeit… watch this space!

Follow us on twitter to keep up to date with daily updates on the latest leaderboard scores and make sure to cheer on for your favourite team member!!

Whilst we are all enjoying the fun and games of a little healthy competition, we are all doing all this to help beat cancer sooner. Cancer survival rates have doubled over the past 40 years. Consistent progress is being made but improvements to technology and ground-breaking work offer new opportunities to find different ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and improve survival rates even further. Help us Walk All Over Cancer and fund life-saving research by sponsoring our team through our online fundraising page.

Final update: we have managed to raise

£1000 for Cancer Research UK!

Well done everyone and thank you all again for your sponsors. We did this for a great cause and all donations are very much appreciated by us and of course, by Cancer Research UK.

Keep up to date with updates from the team!

30 days completed!

We completed our #walkallovercancer challenge on the 30th March! The total amount of steps our team completed over the 30 days was 4,942,637. This equates to 2,340.264 miles which means we walked from Guildford to St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada!

Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored us for Cancer Research UK. We’ve raised £965 so far with some donations still coming in so we are hoping to smash our £250 and make it over £1000 and we’re really grateful and proud of the support we’ve had. Thank you everyone!

Here’s the overall top 5 of the challenge:
1. Steve – 574,934
2. Louise – 414,555
3. Vickie – 406,201
4. Michelle 0 379,011
5. Mick – 367, 803

A massive well done to all who took part but an even bigger well done to Steve who absolutely smashed the 300,000 step target!

Day 28

We are almost at the end of our #walkallovercancer challenge with just 2 days to go. We can’t believe it’s been nearly a whole month! The total number of steps stands at 4,520,992. This equates to 2,260.496 miles, which means we have walked all the way from Guildford to Jerusalem, or we have walked from Guildford to Tunisia and back… that sounds pretty impressive to us!

The top 5 on the leaderboard are as follows:

  1. Steve – 519,992
  2. Louise – 385,223
  3. Vickie – 380,546
  4. Michelle – 369,738
  5. Mick – 338,785

We have managed to raise £195.00 now which is great. Our target is £250.00 so we just need £55.00 more to reach the final goal! Cancer has affected near enough everyone in one way or another, which is why we’ve chosen to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Feel free to visit our donation page by clicking here.

Keep your eye out for the announcement of the office winner of the challenge after Easter!

Day 21

With 10 days to go until the end of the challenge, the team is still going strong! Two of our team, Steve and Vickie, have hit 300,000 steps which is incredible. Louise isn’t far behind that mark either so it’s still all to play for!

The bottom 5 team members are Pete, George, Andy, Sam and Paul… Who is the forfeit and the wooden spoon going to be awarded to?

We’ve also had a few more donations and have now raised £110 so far. We would love to reach a target of £250 so if anyone is feeling generous please click here to donate!

Day 15

We are two weeks into our challenge now and we already have a 200k club! Our team are doing brilliantly and we have now raised £85 in total online so far. We are extremely grateful for every penny. Today is penalty day, so anyone in the team who hasn’t reached the 150,000 steps mark has to pay a penalty onto our fundraising page!

In total, we have walked 2,471,709 steps which seems like an incredible amount. Take a look at our Twitter account for our top 10 updates!

The 200k club
  1. Steve – 289,013
  2. Vickie – 222,723
  3. Louise – 207,722
  4. Michelle – 207,688

Day 12

12 days into the challenge and the numbers are really starting to stack up! With 1.9 million steps having been walked between us, equating to roughly 945 miles, or the equivalent of walking from Guildford to Lisbon with another 19 days to go! Please to help us on our way by donating to our fundraising page! For every £1 we raise the company will match the donations, doubling your money!

Day 9

The competition is well and truly heating up now with a leading pack having broken out with 7 people who have already completed over 100k steps. People are going further than simply aiming to complete their 10k steps and aiming for a prized spot in the Top 5!

The 100k Club
  1. Steve – 168,757
  2. Michelle – 120,040
  3. Louise – 116,527
  4. Vickie – 115,568
  5. Mick – 107,274
  6. Carolyn – 104,158
  7. Jess – 100,115

Day 8

One week into the challenge and the competition is heating up. With 80k steps to get before midnight tonight to stay on track, challengers have started to get imaginative to get their steps in. One person who has climbed her way up the rankings is our Finance Director, Carolyn who made the most of a few days away in Newcastle, exploring the city and getting 30k steps in 2 days. A lunchtime walking club has also sprung up, with groups of people venturing out for a wander around town to make up steps each day. Follow us on Instagram to see what we have been up to!

Day 5

With the snow finally subsiding the weather is looking much more conducive to getting our steps in this week! The weekend has turned the leaderboard upside down with some lazy days and marathon efforts leaving it all to play for! As it stands the ladies are smashing it with 4 of the 5 of the top spots taken by the girls!

Top 5 – 10am Day 5
  1. Steve – 98,794
  2. Michelle – 63,462
  3. Louise – 62,337
  4. Beth – 53,798
  5. Vickie – 53,558

Day 2

Day 2 of the challenge and the snow has thrown a curve ball for many peoples plans to hit the magic 10k a day! With half our team working from home people have had to get inventive with their walking – more than a few walks around peoples coffee tables to get the steps in today! One person who has not shied away from the challenge is Steve – rather than admit defeat, being unable to drive out of his road he took on the challenge to walk the 10-mile cross country trek from Farnham to Head Office in Guildford and back again. Not one to miss out on his training he also managed to fit in two gym sessions, just for the fun of it.

Day 1

Great start to the 10k a day challenge with snowfall creating a complete whiteout for most of Surrey. Not to be out-done and unable to get his car out of the driveway, 3 time Iron Man and Group Managing Director Andy Ridout took the days coveted top spot by running the 4.5 miles from his house to the station!

At the end of Day 1 the top 5 stand at:
  1. Andy – 14,401
  2. Michelle – 13,876
  3. Louise – 13,312
  4. Ella – 13,047
  5. Mick – 12,804

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