Christmas is meant to be a time of joy and peace. We get to spend some time with friends and family, eat good food and enjoy ourselves. 

However, it can also bring stress and financial pressures. On top of that, this year has been a very different one and we might not be able to spend Christmas the way we want to due to the pandemic. 

It is important to look after yourself and your mental wellbeing during this time and we have collated some tips to help you with this.

Stay connected

If you are unable to spend much or any time with loved ones for Christmas, make sure to stay connected with them, for example via Zoom or Facetime. That way you still get some interaction with them. Why not enjoy a cup of tea or coffee together or maybe even open presents while you speak to each other. 

Don’t bottle it up

If you feel that you can’t get in the festive spirit and that the past few months have had a bigger effect on you than you might have realised, confide in a friend or family member. Speaking about your fears and what is making you feel anxious can help you clear your mind and even lift those feelings. Make sure you don’t bottle it up.

Have some me time

If you are seeing family, allow yourself to still have some time for just you. Take a relaxing bath or read a book. The past year has been intense and this time is all about letting go of those pressures.

Do it yourself

Maybe you discovered some new skills during lockdown and it might be a great idea to put them to good use. If you got into baking or cooking, why not gift some homemade baked goods or jams. Discovered your love for knitting? You could make some lovely, unique hats which will come in really handy during the cold months. This can save you money and is a good way to give more personal gifts.

We hope that these tips help you feel calmer this Christmas.

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