There are many ways offices can become more sustainable and thus be more environmentally friendly. We have collated a list to name just some of the steps companies can take.

Turn off computers when they’re not in use

Make sure when you leave the office that you switch off your computer rather than just locking it. It’s also a good idea to set a relatively short time for your PC to go into standby mode when not in use, for example when you leave your desk to go to lunch.

Use fewer paper towels

Where possible, use hand dryers instead of paper towels and make sure that taps are turned off so they are not left running for a long period of time. Make sure they are turned off completely and don’t drip. A tap that leaks at a rate of one drop per second can waste more than 25 litres of water a day!

Turn off lights when you leave the room

If you’re the last one to leave the office, make sure to switch off all lights and don’t leave them on overnight. Ensure to do the same when you leave rooms.

Cut down on paper

While going paperless might not be possible for every business, try to cut down on printing and encourage paperless meetings, where the agenda and presentations can be displayed on a screen instead.

Recycle and reuse

Another great way to help the environment is to recycle any waste and go for reusables instead of disposables. It’s much better to give your plate and cutlery a quick wash than throwing them away – they will just end up in landfill!

There is much more that can be done but even if you can’t make all the changes, a few small ones can make a big difference!

We care about the environment

At Advance TRS we are making more and more changes, including the above, to make sure that we minimise our impact on the environment. We remind colleagues to print off only the necessary and use projectors instead where possible. To make implementing the changes more fun and get everyone involved, we are even looking at turning some of them into challenges. For example, if we see a colleague use disposable cups and cutlery on a regular basis and throw them away, they might be asked to put some change in a jar. The money collected can then go towards buying everyone Advance TRS branded travel mugs.

We are currently recruiting, so if you want to work for a company that places the environment as a priority send us your CV or take a look at our latest vacancies.