So why is Training and Development in the workplace important?

Investment in training and development for staff is proven, not only to improve employee  performance within their job, but also helps increase confidence, employee satisfaction and increase morale and consistency within themselves.

Studies have shown that investing in employee development  increases productivity and aids business, ultimately leading to better client relationships, increased sales and increased profit.

The U.K. L&D Report: 2018 – Benchmark Your Workplace Learning  outlines learning and development statistics in the UK. It states that top-performing organisations are five times more likely to have learning cultures, suggesting a culture of learning is a key component of business success.

Key Statistics:

  • 63% of companies with increased turnover in the last year, rated leadership and management development as their top priority.
  • 31% of companies who had grown in the last year used external coaching for senior leadership. That’s twice the average.
  • Companies with decreased turnover were 2x more likely to say their staff does not prioritise learning.

An article by The Independent this year, states that two out of three UK workers have changed jobs because of a lack of training and development opportunities, two out of three employees say training is more important today than it was just two years ago, and four out of five employers believe training has a positive impact on their workers.

Research by Towards Maturity, a research company who are supported by CIPD, reveals that high performing learning organisations, on average, are seeing a 24% increase in productivity and performance as a result of learning done well.  40% of employees who don’t receive the necessary job training to become effective will leave their positions within the first year.

What does it mean to us?

You spend most of your week with your colleagues. At Advance TRS , we are dedicated to ensuring we give our staff the best possible start in their careers with the business. As such, our Training and Development Director, Neil, oversees a comprehensive programme of induction, mentoring, training, ongoing personal development planning and guidance to all staff in the business.

We are committed to giving every employee the best opportunity to grow and advance within their role in the company. To help our team become the best they can be, we provide invaluable mentoring from our experienced recruitment experts.

A happy workforce is key to a successful business. Giving employees a good reason to stay at a company by providing them with training and development opportunities to carry on improving and succeeding is a real must.

If you are looking for your next career move and are interested in joining Surrey’s Employer of the Year, contact Neil for a confidential conversation on 07432 356750. We are always on the lookout for the industry’s next top talent.

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An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”―Benjamin Franklin