The Advance TRS team, including members Jake, Sam, Mike, Sissy, Lauren, Simon, Rob, Charlie, Alex, and Jake J, is preparing for the WaterAid Dragon Boat Race on 11th July. This exciting event aims to raise awareness and funds for WaterAid’s mission to provide clean water and hygiene education to those in need. 

“Signing up for dragon boat race seemed like a great way to challenge myself, work in a team and raise money for an important cause”  

Mike Buttler Recruitment Consultant 

About the event  

Dragon boat racing is a traditional Chinese sport that dates back over 2,000 years and is now one of the fastest-growing corporate sports in the UK. The WaterAid Dragon Boat Race is an exciting event that combines the thrill of competition with the mission of improving global access to clean water. Teams from various organizations come together to paddle towards victory while raising funds for WaterAid. These funds are crucial in supporting sustainable water projects and educating communities on hygiene practices. 

How you can support  

  1. Donate: Contribute to their fundraising efforts. Every donation, big or small, brings WaterAid closer to achieving its goals.  
  1. Spread the word: Share their mission on social media to help raise awareness about the global water crisis and the importance of clean water and sanitation.  
  1. Cheer them on: Join the event on 11th July to support the Advance TRS team.  


WaterAid is dedicated to addressing the global water crisis. Currently 771 million people lack access to clean water close to home, impacting education, livelihoods, and health. Supporting WaterAid through events like the Dragon Boat Race can transform lives and communities by providing essential water and hygiene solutions. Together, we can ensure that everyone has access to clean water, creating a healthier future for all.. Read more about the charity here  

Advance TRS 

At Advance TRS, our commitment to personal challenge and community support Is at the heart of our company. Under the leadership of our Founder and Managing Director, Andy, we have embraced fundraising as a core principle, raising over £85.000 for impactful charities like Railway Children and Action for Children.  

We are actively seeking new team members! Visit our “Work for Us” page to explore the exciting opportunities we currently have available.  

Join us in supporting the Advance TRS team at the WaterAid Dragon Boat Race and contribute to a cause that brings clean water and hope to millions around the world.