We have taken a look at what can help you lower your stress levels.

In 2018/19 a staggering 602,000 workers in the UK suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety and 12.8 million working days were lost as a result, according to a Labour Force Survey (LFS).

Long-term stress can have big effects on an individual’s mental and physical health and therefore it’s important to take steps to alleviate it. There are simple things we can all incorporate into our daily routines to help us cope better.


While physical activity won’t make stress disappear, it is proven to significantly improve mood and wellbeing by metabolising excessive stress hormones, helping you feel calmer. If you start to feel overwhelmed, going for a brisk walk can help you relax.

A good night’s sleep

Lack of sleep is a major cause of stress and unfortunately, when we feel stressed it can be difficult to fall asleep. Therefore, it’s important to take time to relax before going to bed. Taking a warm bath or reading a book can both help to calm your brain. Try to avoid having caffeinated drinks during the late afternoon and evening. You will soon notice how much calmer you feel after a relaxing night’s sleep.


Talking to someone, whether a colleague, friend or family member, can make a significant difference in how you feel. It might distract you from stressful thoughts for some time or even release some of the built-up tension.

Avoid caffeine

Try to avoid over-consumption of caffeine or at least reduce it when you are already feeling stressed, as this might increase the stress response in your body. Instead, why not try herbal or fruit teas?

Make a to-do list

Prioritising your work will help you identify the tasks that make a real difference, so you can complete these first and leave less important work to last. Ticking tasks off as you go will also give you a sense of accomplishment. Just remember that your in-tray will most likely never be empty.

At Advance TRS, we prioritise our staff’s wellbeing and get together every week to practise relaxation techniques, go for walks at lunchtime or just chat. We also offer a Wellbeing Hub and have appointed qualified Mental Health First Aiders, who will act as the first point of contact for anyone feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

We are currently recruiting, so if you want to work for a company that places mental wellbeing and dealing with the causes of stress as a priority, send us your CV or take a look at our latest vacancies.